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by bgame

Ino/Inoue is hated by many people in Japan because of his wrongdoing.
INO did not often return the borrowed money, and brought Amway into amusement arcade. So he is called “Inoway(イノウェイ)”.
Other reasons are he often disses pro gamers and changes his story a lot.
Kokujin(3rd Strike player) criticizes INO severely and this blog has a lot of negative comments.

こくじんの井上批評|Kokujin talks about INO/Inoue.(with English subtitles)

The swindler comes wearing a mask of a gentleman.
Be careful…

◆【Daigo the BeasTV x クロダ】
part1 クロダとウメハラとの出会い

part2 クロダとストIII

part3 クロダの今後のゲームとの付き合い方
part4 クロダと自転車

part5 クロダと昭和と美空ひばり

part6 クロダと足立区とカツアゲ

part7 プロゲーマーへの興味


◆Daigo the BeasTV
◆格闘ゲーマーバラエティ シロクロ

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